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MacroAir AirVolution-D 550

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MacroAir AirVolution-D 550


Part workhorse, part racehorse. Provides solutions to climate problems in you medium to large spaces.

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  • Available in 8 to 18-foot diameters
  • Available in two voltage configurations: Low and High
  • Maintenance-free 1.05 horsepower direct-drive motor
  • No Gearbox = No Noise
  • Runs in both forward and reverse
  • Built in accelerometer will turn off fan if struck by an object, shaken by an earthquake or bombarded by high winds
  • Unrivaled Warranty. 50,000 hours (24 years with average use) tracked by the fan itself
  • Digital remote for fan control and troubleshooting
  • Multiple fans can be networked with either a multi-fan controller or through your building management system
  • LED light package available
  • Custom powder coating available
  • IP65 wash-down rated to withstand water and dust exposure
  • Operation cost about $1.00 a day
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